Kavita Devi : Top 25 HD Images Of kavita Devi

India has, from the beginning, witnessed a lot of strong wrestlers. The young crowd has been a fan of many namely The Great Khali or Jinder Mahal or Tiger Jeet Singh from WWE. But never have they ever thought an Indian woman entering the show. Kavita Devi, like a WWE version of Dangal, entered the show and blew away our minds.

This salwar kameez clad Indian wrestler hailed from Haryana where she is also a police officer. This strong women got trained under the former champion, Khali at his academy in Punjab. Though she lost the show, she undoubtedly won millions of hearts.

Here We have All High Definition Images of kavita Devi Hope You can see and enjoy her Glory. Enjoy all kavita devi images  bellow

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