WWE Kavitadevi Next Fight Date Announced

As we all know that Kavita Devi took to fight against Dakota kai from the New Zealand, and it was a mind-boggling contest that was pitted speed against strength.

And we all know that giant Kavita Devi ruled most of the fight with her power moves and she also lifted Dakota with her single arm and threw her on the matt. Unluckily she couldn’t win the match, but now we know that she was here (WWE) for the long run. So do you wanted to know when she(Kavita Devi) is going to fight her next fight in WWE? Let’s see what We have for you in announcements.

As we all know that she is here for the long run and, we are glad to announce Kavita Devi’s next fight date. As many of us knew that during Cruiserweight Classic, many competitors selected and booked on NXT even after losing their fights. And we are sure that you will see Next fight of Kavita Devi in WWE very shortly.

However, As Indian, we all should feel proud that our Indian child is doing awesome at the stage of WWE where best of the world fighters fight for their countries pride.

Till now Why don’t you enjoy Kavita devi’s WWE Video :

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