Kavita Devi WWE Fights : All Fight Videos Of Kavita Devi


After The Great Khali and Jitendra Mahal, Kavita Devi is attaining hearts for her at the Mae Young Classic, an event by WWE. While her wrestling capabilities are worthy, what stands out is that she abandons the traditional, fancy Dressing female wrestlers are recognized for and wears a simple kurti in the fighting ring instead!

Kavita Devi wore Very Simple Kurti and Dupatta around her waist and Paired churidar with the boots. And when she was fighting it looks so natural.
You can Watch Kavita Devi fight Dakota Kai dressed up like a traditional Bharatiya naari In this WWE kavita Devi fight video:

But this is not the first time she had given the opponent a bad time in the ring. She has made her BIO and Profile Very Big Long ago She was very famous when she was fighting in India under the banner of CWE. In this Fighting video of Kavita Devi, you can see that How she was ruling the ring Over BB(Bul Bul).

Now we all know that she is very mascular and very excellent Height and weight which actually suits the wrestler. she is not only fights with the girl. She can give any gentleman a harsh test of the ring and you can see it. Here is another video of Kavita Devi Fight where she is giving two gentlemen from CWE a critical treatment in the ring with his excellent Muscle power and astonishing fighting techniques.

So now we can surely say that we have amazing wrestler among us who can give any one a bitter test. Kavita devi has proved that she is meant to be in the WWE for a long time. and we are here for providing each and every information about the kavita devi here. So, If you wanted to see all upcoming fights of Kavita Devi than please keep Visiting this site regularly

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