Kavita Devi-A Famous Salwar-Kameez WWE Wrestler

The WWE has numerous Indian wrestlers in its rankings, right from champions of Tiger Jeet Singh to The Great Khali, and even the supremacy champion Jinder Mahal. However, there was no women wrestler from India in the ring, unless Kavita Devi of Haryana busts that drought.

The former winner powerlifter Dakota Kai fought with Kavita in the first round of Mae Young Classic-WWE all-women competition. Though she was defeated in the tournament, her ring attire (Salwar Kameez) and wrestling skills caught the attention of plenty of fans.

Before to this, Kavita Deva was considered as the first woman of India to compete in the WWE while she was included in the tournament of Mae Young Classic. Kavita Devi was considered as a part of WWE Dubai auditions prior to this year and has performance seems to be quite impressive during the trials; she was one among the 32 candidates taking part in the contest.

Moving to Haryana, Kavita undergoes training to become a professional wrestler under Khali at his academy in Punjab. She got good name fame after doing wrestling against the woman wrestler BB Bull Bull as that video went viral on many social media sites. She used to wear Salwar kameez along with dupatta tied around her waist tightly.

Kavita says that it was hard to adjust to some of the costumes which professional girls wrestler wear. She still wanted to stay connected to Indian culture and indicate India so she always prefers for salwar Kurta. Moreover, she wanted to take a further step to show the world that costume cannot impede Indian women from taking part on the world stage.

Though there were some voices which discouraged her from avoiding Olympic sport her family supported her throughout her career. They stand behind her decision. Both her brother and husband were considered to be the prime helpful persons in getting her shine in wrestling career. They did not consider any criticism or comments given for her.

Canyon Cemon-Vice President of WWE Talent Development said, “Kavita Devi provide a breathtaking performance at WWE Dubai try-out 2017. She is extremely strong women and powerful athletic, who showcased a solid grasp of basic sports entertainment, and an interest to improve her will in upcoming WWE Mae Young Classic tournament”.

She has won several medals at global events in addition to winning a gold medal at south Asian games. Although she feels little bit difficulty in transitioning from Olympic sports game to professional wrestling, she wants to prove herself to the world.

WWE women wrestlers are highlighted for a combination of glamour and strength but she never considers about such things rather she has skills and strength to succeed in wrestling. With the support of her family, she can able to prove herself best in the professional wrestling.

She was from rural Haryana so there have been a lot of misconceptions regarding sports activities for girls. With the support of her brother, she can able to accomplish success in sports. She also never let her concentration to waver for any reason.

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